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Animals Awaken Our Hearts

Diane Roadcap, Pet Communicator

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Diane can often assist in identifying animals’ illnesses and pain, and many local veterinarians respect and listen to her guidance. (Note: Diane is not a veterinarian and consulting with her does not substitute for veterinary care).


Diane can assist in resolving animals’ behavior issues, by helping their humans uncover the motivation and logic behind the behavior, and helping the animals to deal with their issues in a more acceptable way. In some instances it is actually the human who needs to make a change. Once the situation is discussed, and changes are negotiated and instituted, successful resolution is often reached. Key elements for success, however, are mutual respect and understanding.

Although Diane loves to help resolve problems between animals and their humans, she enjoys also just helping both to better understand one another, so that the human-animal bond can deepen and grow. With this growth, she says, comes understanding of the ways our animal companions enrich us spiritually. 

Animals Awaken Our Hearts