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Animals Awaken Our Hearts

Diane Roadcap, Pet Communicator

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Diane with one of her thankful clients!


As a child, Diane recognized that she had a deep spiritual connection with animals. Playing with a variety of animals in the wooded areas around her home outside of Washington, D.C., she discovered that she could connect with them at a soul level. This connection was confirmed at age five when her dog Blackie telepathically warned her that a poisonous snake was dangerously close to biting her.  She heeded his warning and slowly backed away before it could attack her.  She continued to receive communications from animals and discovered that she could  easily read their needs and wants, humor and insights, aches and ailments.


Years later, Diane turned to a career in the corporate world, but she could not forget her gift.  She knew she needed to serve animals and communicate on their behalf, and she wanted to teach people to respect, honor, and love them.  Today, this gifted, compassionate woman provides consultations to animal lovers worldwide.




Animals Awaken Our Hearts